Announcing Our First Print Journal

The undergraduate students of Johns Hopkins University are pleased to announce that, for spring of 2009, the first publication of Prometheus, Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Philosophy Journal has been released.  The journal may be viewed online by navigating to the archives section or clicking this link.

Prometheus is a peer-reviewed international undergraduate journal of philosophy providing a forum for scholarly discussion among undergraduates on both early and modern philosophy.  The print journal emphasizes discussions on a broad range of philosophical topics emphasizing thoughtful analysis and creative solutions to early and modern philosophical problems and puzzles prevalent in the field today.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to the members of Prometheus for their hard work and dedication, the philosophy graduate students for their continued support, our submitters for their insightful and illuminating papers, and our graduate advisor Matthew Holtzman for his continued guidance and wisdom throughout the process.

Prometheus is distributed throughout Homewood Campus and philosophy departments across the nation.  Printed issues of Prometheus are also available online on our website.

Editorial enquiries and enquiries concerning subscriptions and journal copies should be e-mailed to or should be sent to:


Department of Philosophy

Johns Hopkins University

2850 North Charles Street

Room 1202C

Baltimore, MD 21218


Cuong Q. Nguyen & Shane Steinert-Threlkeld

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