Letter from the Editors

For first time visitors, Shane and I would like to welcome you to the online edition of Prometheus, Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Philosophy Journal. Here you will find numerous articles and papers from undergraduate students all over the world addressing some of the fundamental problems concerning matters of existence, knowledge, language, value, mind, and reason. As a discipline, philosophy itself has withstood the test of time, instilling itself as an essential part of helping individuals understand the very nature of reality and the human condition. Prometheus was created with this thought in mind.

Most importantly, we understand that philosophy thrives through conversation. For instance Socrates, the ideal Western philosopher, spent most of his days debating with Athenians he encountered on the streets, pushing them to elaborate on what they believed and understood. Philosophical ideas do not arise spontaneously; it is only through dialogue and engagement with other people’s thoughts that we begin to develop our own. One of the benefits of talking about philosophy is that it allows us to eliminate misunderstandings, and to make more precise what is at issue. In hindsight, the online edition of Prometheus opens up new avenues for undergraduates to engage with philosophy. With the power of the internet, people from all wakes of life can now engage in philosophical discourse with each other. Students now have a forum to write and publish their thoughts and views on various philosophical topics.

We are proud to be a vehicle for such discourse.

Our first event this year will be this Thursday, September 9th at 8PM in Gilman 288. Philosophy graduate student Mike Abramson will be leading a discussion on the question, “Is your iPhone part of your mind?” Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Please check back often for updates on future events.

Cuong Q. Nguyen

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