On Particle-Waves, a Mediating Gaze and the Narrative Sequence

This paper works through Gilberto Perez’s theory of film narrative, clarifying his distinction between drama and narrative as relevant to understanding the singular form of cinematic narration employed in Renoir’s The Rules of the Game (1939). Rather than thinking of film as being of one primary form or another, one should recognize that such terms are primarily of functional value and should not be taken as actual properties of film, and that broadening our terms to include drama and narrative gives us more insight in talking about film and frees us from the ontological commitment of having to posit invisible, effaced narrators in film where there is no evidence.
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Aesthetic Futurity

By Edmund Zagorin ABSTRACT: The evolution of artistic expression is often understood to be co-productive with a certain apprehended teleology of culture: “progress”, a notion itself instantiated by false axiomatic assumptions concerning biological evolution. These meditations will seek to critically interrogate teleological assumptions by de-structively mapping the future evolution of artistic expression through a radically empirical attention to the flows of cultural raw materials, media-structures, mediums, memes and messages. By attending to processes associated with growing media digitzation, inter-connectedness and fragmenting attention span, these meditations will seek to illuminate a cultural milieu which is comprised of unprecedented structural homogeneity yet … Continue reading Aesthetic Futurity

The Saving Means: Technology, Art, and Techne

By Nestor Bailly Abbreviations for Heidegger and other works cited: QT – The Question Concerning Technology Ister – Hölderlin’s Hymn “The Ister” WAPF – What Are Poets For? SR – Science and Reflection OWA – The Origin of the Work of Art PLT – Hofstadter’s Introduction to Poetry, Language, Thought Zimmerman – Michael Zimmerman’s Heidegger’s Confrontation with Modernity Ferry and Renaut – Heidegger and Modernity trans. Franklin Philip — Here the question of the saving power potential of art against technology’s worlding as the standing-reserve will be addressed. Section I will provide a grounding analysis of Heidegger’s notions of technology … Continue reading The Saving Means: Technology, Art, and Techne

Threatening Ambivalence: Aliza Shvarts’s Disruption of the Patriarchal (Hetero)Normative

By Asam Ahmad ABSTRACT: In April of 2008, Yale University’s Aliza Shvarts was accused of a sort of ‘insanity’ that made her unable to make sound judgements and jeopardize her own body for the sake of her art. This paper aims to explore the nature of Shvarts’ artistic project and understand the hyper-reactionary interventions that followed its appearance. I will argue that what caused this hyper intervention and the disciplinary actions that followed was more than just the project itself – it was the very ambiguity of the Event the project was presenting us with, its very refusal to ‘name’ the … Continue reading Threatening Ambivalence: Aliza Shvarts’s Disruption of the Patriarchal (Hetero)Normative